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Wherever you need thermal high performance, CLIMETAL is there. Since its foundation in 1988, CLIMETAL has become a leading manufacturer of heat exchangers.

Flexible Engineering and Design


tarting with the tradicional tube and fin technology, a few years later CLIMETAL developed and mastered the leading edge technology of the future: aluminium brazed heat exchangers. Initially developed for the high demanding automobile industry, CLIMETAL now gives you the opportunity to take advantage of this state-of-the-art technology.

Our engineers at CLIMETAL will help you adapt microchannel technology to your most special need. No matter whether your field of application is HVAC&R, trains, automobiles or power plants, CLIMETAL will deliver customized designs prompty and with the un matching quality only CLIMETAL can assure.


Climetal has implemented the system of quality ISO 9001:2008

which means high quality standards in its manufacturing and distribution.

Some of the tests our products go through:

100% helium leak tested.
150-bar burst pressure test.
Cycled pressure test.
SALT spray test.
Acid corrosion test (SWAAT).
Particles measurement.
3G force vibration test.

UL - certification

Climetal Microchannel Heat Exchangers is widely recognized for complying with the most stringent regulations around the World. Our products are designed, manufactured, tested and audited to meet worldwide standards. Besides ISO 9001:2008 we fulfill other important regulations as PED º 97/23/EC and REACH guidelines. Climetal, on 2016 has got the UL certificate for its products with the configuration 32_25 (Multiport 25mm and Manifolds Ø32mm). This milestone is an additional demonstration of our commitment to guarantee our partners a total customer satisfaction.

Underwriters Laboratories is an independent institute that works for the public safety since 1894. UL is a recognized certificate in many countries that ensure safe living and working environments as well as the use of friendly environmentally products. In summary, UL certifies that all products validated by them are safe and accomplish with security regulations.


Why Choose Us?

1. Higher performance

Climetal parallel-flow condensers offer a long list of features not found in other condensers. Parallel flow increases performance by up to 45% compared to traditional tube and fin condensers. Its special circuit design reduces internal pressure drop on the gas side by more than 65%, which produces significant savings in compressor energy consumption and wearness. Its slim design and its thin cross flow tube profile decreases air pressure drop by 25% also bringing considerable advantages: smaller fans, less noise and lower electricity consumption.

2. Smaller is Mightier

All-aluminium condensers have an obvious advantage against traditional copper tube condensers: they are much lighter. Despite the 45% increase in working performance, our condensers weigh 60% less than its copper & aluminium counterpart. When designing the appliance this condenser will be placed, this also plays a major role. Now you will be able to design smaller and lighter appliances than before. Therefore, your systems will be lighter, more compact, more silent and more durable than ever before.

3. Reduced Air Pressure Drop

Climetal´s microchannel technology increases the primary to secondary surface area ratio and reduces the tube´s air shadow to provide maximum heat exchange through our condensers.

4. Improved Internal Heat Transfer

Due to their small hydraulic diameter, Climetal´s microchannel aluminium tubes transfer heat more efficiently than the traditional round copper tubes.

Our Skills

Co-design / 100%
Flexible Engineering Process / 100%
Short Lead Times & MOQ / 100%
Customer Satisfaction / 100%

Unmatchable Quality

At Climetal, we do not control quality; we manufacture it. From conception to delivery our products go through the stringest quality controls.


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