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MICROCHANNEL: the revolution of Chillers, Roof-Tops and Condensers Units!

Are you ready to increase up to 45% the efficiency of your Chillers, Rooftops and Condensing Units? Microchannel: the new generation of heat exchangers.
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In the last years the technical advances on compressors, fans and electronics have increased the efficiency of HVAC units to levels that were unthinkable some time ago. Now, CLIMETAL presents to you another technological breakthrough.


Microchannel is the technology of the future.

CLIMETAL  offers its customers 15 years of experience in microchannel technology.

Microchannel heat exchangers provide a significant improvement in air to fluid systems. This well proven technology, widely used for twenty years in the automotive industry because of its efficiency, economy, recyclability and lightness, is now ready to be implemented in the world of air conditioning.

CLIMETAL, with more than 25 years in the manufacturing of heat exchangers for air-conditioning systems, offers you  our 15-year experience in the design, production and distribution of Microchannel heat exchangers for HVAC, Industrial Refrigeration and Automotive A/C


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Why introducing Microchannel technology?
+45% Energy Efficiency:

Increased primary and secondary surfaces are brazed ensuring perfect heat transfer.

Energy efficiency derives from a bigger primary surface compared to traditional tube and fin coils. In addition to this, performance is increased because:
1.- The secondary finned surface of the Microchannel heat exchangers is welded to the primary surface with an automatic brazing process, therefore the heat transfer is much more efficient than the traditional copper-aluminum coils (on which the secondary and primary surfaces are joined by simple mechanical expansion).

2.- The internal gas passages of Microchannel heat exchangers, due to its small hidraulic diameter, enable a greater heat transfer from the primary to the secondary exchange surface.

Reduction in the energy consumption
Of your compressors and fans
-25% Air-side pressure drop
-65% Refrigerant pressure drop


Because of the innovative and compact design of our microchannel tubes (only 2mm high) and our parallel flow circuit configuration, both refrigerant and air side pressure drops are significantly reduced.

A lower air pressure drop will allow your fans and compressors to operate with less noise and lower energy consumption, while increasing the perfomance of your unit

Less weight, reduced dimensions
and 100% recyclable
You can reduce by up to 65% the weight of your condenser


Microchannel heat exchangers are significantly lighter and more compact, making them easier to manipulate during your assembly process, as well as reducing your transport and logistic costs

In addition to this, microchannel coils are monomaterial, making them easy to recycle compared to traditional copper tube and aluminum fin heat exchangers.

Be up to 12% more cost effective

Microchannel technology can reduce the design, manufacturing and operating costs of your HVAC units between 7% and 12% compared to units manufactured with traditional copper tube and aluminum fins. Depending on the size and application, microchannel coils can be up to 40% less expensive than their copper-aluminum equivalent.
After 15 years of experience working closely with HVAC manufacturers all over the world, we have helped our customers become more competitive, reducing not only their manufacturing costs but also the operating expenses of their HVAC units.


From design to manufacturing
CLIMETAL will go hand-in-hand with you

CLIMETAL offers to manufacturers of air-conditioning equipments for Residential, Commercial and industrial use a wide range of solutions. With our 15-year experience in the HVAC and refrigeration industries we can help you integrate fast and smoothly microchannel technology in your actual or future products.

We hope to see you at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2014 (Milan), where you can see and experience our microchannel solutions.

You can also contact us right now for a technical selection and/or for a quotation, or just for more information by clicking on the following link: >>> Richiesta di contatto dipartimento O.E.M. 

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Greater primary exchange surface with our Microchannel heat exchangers
Better cohesion between primary and secondary surfaces with our Microchannel heat exchangers
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Air flow surfaces are greater in Microchannel heat exchangers: see the benefits on our website
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